Deriving a Production Line State from Machine States
by Dale Whitfield, 30 November March 2011

In our processing we define Machine States and then derive the Line State by inspecting the current Machine States

Generally this applies to machines used in a high-speed coupled-manufacturing environment and we focus primarily on beer and beverage production-lines. However, this technique is not limited to that environment but is limited to coupled manufacturing lines.

Individual Machine States may transition through SleepStartupRunningHoldingBuild-back and  Starving, according to conditions in the immediate vicinity of the machine.

Transitions from one State to another occur as the result of changing conditions either at a Machine or within its upstream or downstream accumulators.

machine states

Machine State Transitions

The Line State is derived by inspecting all Machine States at once and as a whole. These states transition through the following.

line states

Line State Transitions