Pioneering the proprietary wireless acquisition of productive intelligence to manipulate and control present and future events on production lines.

What will the system do for me?

The objective is to increase production efficiency and line utilization by using existing assets better. There is no single action (silver bullet) that will achieve this, rather a combination of ongoing surgical interventions. The system provides real time, accurate and transparent data to facilitate these interventions.

The system will provide:

  • Dynamic data highlighting irregularities in machine speed, line control and overall line function according to its designed V-Profile. Functioning like a production line oscilloscope, the primary objective of this data is to provide technical staff with accurate intelligence on exactly where and what intervention is needed. The key here is to balance the line so it performs as a single unit, each machine in harmony with the other.

  • The HMI (Predictor) located at each major machine will automatically prompt the operator to select a cause and estimated downtime when his machine stops and it is identified as the constraint machine on the production line. Although downtime is always viewed as a negative, communicating this downtime to other operators allows them to capitalize on the event by stopping their machines for minor maintenance interventions. Their stop will have no impact on production line efficiency, utilizing productive downtime is a positive.

  • The "real" downtime and machine stop (cause) data captured by the Predictors provides maintenance staff with a valuable tool for surgical intervention, most of which can be accommodated during productive downtime opportunities at no cost to line efficiency.

  • To assist with rapid intervention, the Predictors and GlobeLive management software facilitates real time bi-directional text messaging. There is no cost associated with message communication across the proprietary wireless network. Coupled to this the system comes standard with a quad band GSM capability (texting mobile phones), however, local network costs will be applicable. Messaging radically reduces response times to critical or regular production events.

  • Hard copy reporting. The GlobeLive management software can generate both an Engineering report or Production report for any time period of interest, no data input is required. The user simply selects the period of interest and prints the report. Reports are detailed and cannot be edited, they provide a wide range of information including components of OEE, TPM and other important KPI data. Hard copy reporting radically reduces time spent writing manual reports by Production and Engineering staff.

  • Production recording. The system automatically records every aspect of all production activities to a one second resolution. These recordings are automatically saved by shift. The users can select a recording and "play back" a specific production event which can be viewed in real time or accelerated time. All E-stop activities are automatically bookmarked in the master recording. The user can also insert bookmarks commenting on events as they occur. A full eight hour shift recording only requires 2-3 Megabytes memory space, meaning they can be emailed complete with bookmarks. The GlobeLive software maintains all its functionality during playback mode. Production recordings is another global first introduced by us, it obsoletes traditional server type database archives.