Pioneering the proprietary wireless acquisition of productive intelligence to manipulate and control present and future events on production lines.

Is the system a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA)?

Yes and no. Typical SCADA systems are only software based, interface directly with host machines via a network and report on past events. Our system is a proprietary wireless hardware platform that captures all production data stand-alone. The devices operate independently and cumulatively, calculating, recording and predicting events on the production line utilizing their internal firmware.

Our software (which we give away at no charge) is used to create an intuitive graphical interface for management. SCADA systems report on past events, the system functions in real time. It has a one second resolution and can predict time potentials we call "productive downtime" that operators can utilize for minor maintenance interventions during production. This coupled to the wide range of dynamic data we provide sets us apart for SCADA systems.