Pioneering the proprietary wireless acquisition of productive intelligence to manipulate and control present and future events on production lines.

What does the system consist of?

There are basically three parts to the system:

  • The Predictor operator interface and companion Heartbeat I/O device. This is installed at each point of interest (major machine) on the production line with sensors wired directly to them. Each Predictor has its own wireless capability which it uses to keep in contact with other Predictors on the production line and with the Globe device.

  • The Globe device is typically installed in the local supervisors office and captures all production data from the Predictors using its own internal wireless capability. The Globe then streams this data through a single RJ45 Ethernet connection onto the customer network.

  • Our GlobeLive software can be installed on any PC on the network, it's supplied free of charge with no limit on number of users. The GlobeLive software captures the data from the Globe and presents it on a very intuitive management interface. GlobeLive functions in real time.