Pioneering the proprietary wireless acquisition of productive intelligence to manipulate and control present and future events on production lines.

What makes the system so unique?

There are literally too many points to list here, some of the core differences are:

  • It is a purpose-built "hardware" solution. Everything pertaining to the electronic platform was specifically developed for data acquisition in high noise packaging environments.

  • Our software (written in-house) is very specific to packaging, and incorporates ideas, solutions, processes, reporting structure (OEE, TPM) and many "wish list" features supplied to us by our global contact base and customers.

  • The system functions wirelessly on our proprietary wireless network with an uptime that exceeds 99.9%, no one has this technology except us.

  • To calculate and capture the vast amount of data we report on, we typically only need three inputs from each host machine on the packaging line: infeed product count, outfeed product count, machine door open/E-stop. Should non conforming product be rejected from the line, we use a fourth input to identify this product. We can acquire this input data stand alone by utilizing our own sensors. No other inputs are required.

  • Operator interface is limited to entering estimated downtime for breakdowns above two minutes, no other interface or data input is required. This applies to our software too.

  • We record all production activities, these can be "played back" in real time or accelerated time, the user simply watches the movie.

  • Our ability to dynamically complete a high resolution line capability study every second provides us with data never seen before pertaining to line dynamics and control. No SCADA system can provides this.

  • Our ability to accurately predict time potential events is unique and a first globally.