Pioneering the proprietary wireless acquisition of productive intelligence to manipulate and control present and future events on production lines.

How long will it take to install a system on my production line?

A typical production line installation will comprise 5-8 points of interest. Each point of interest requires one Predictor and one Heartbeat I/O device. Working with the customer, installation can be completed within 3-5 days. The installation process is normally non-intrusive with little or no impact on production.

Commissioning, training and handover requires approximately five days, dependant on the numbers of container (pack) types and staff availability. Most "first time on-site" installations are complete within two weeks from our technician arriving onsite.

Our GlobeLive software includes an auto-update feature for "Manual" and "News", a service we also supply at no cost to the end user. When activated, all embedded Technical and User manuals are automatically upgraded as soon as a new version is released. The release of new manuals is coupled to a "News Flash" that informs the user about the update and how best to apply the new enhancements to his production process along with other industrial news. This feature reduces service support requirements.