Intelligent Production Analysis and Visualisation

Intelligent Production Analysis and Visualisation

Production Line monitoring, analysis and intelligence in real-time.

Pioneering the prediction and use of Productive Downtime.

Equipping our customers with a transparent solution to enhance production efficiency and machine utilisation. Capitalising on the most advanced technologies. Making better use of existing assets!

Visualize Production Targets, OEE and Downtime Analysis in real-time.

Real time Production Intelligence. Total production transparency

We offer a total solution. Stand-alone, independent of existing equipment, robust, high-uptime, high-availability hardware and embedded firmware for data capture.

Specialising in coupled manufacturing environments, our engineers have amassed between them more than 75 years of product development experience in the fields of inspection, production line monitoring, product design and coding.

We attribute our success to the high level of technical horsepower we have accumulated. This facilitates the design and development of application specific solutions from component level upwards.

Our electronics, our firmware and our software together with our experience, equals high performance and low cost of ownership.

Intuitive solutions. Your success!

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