Production Intelligence

Real time production intelligence. Total production transparency

We offer a total solution. Stand-alone, robust, high-uptime, high-availability hardware and embedded firmware for data capture.

The system provides

  • Turnkey solution
  • Plug and play
  • No complex integration, functions standalone
  • Installation to handover in a couple of days
  • Low demand on service support
  • Robust, intuitive HMI designed for level one operators.
  • Proprietary wireless, no time consuming routing of data cables
  • Connects to customer network via a single Ethernet connection
  • Free software for packaging line environments, intuitive management interface
  • Platform can be used for data acquisition with integrator supplied software on the front end
  • Very attractive pricing structure

The system has built-in flexibility to accommodate most applications. Contact us with your specific requirements.

What its not!

No data cabling

No software license or cost of ownership fees

No IT support

No connectivity or protocol issues

No complex reporting

No network or server required

No machine, network, PC or server upgrades

No special power or UPS

What it is

Stand-alone robust wireless hardware for data collection

Free software, no limitations on copies

Global production line monitoring regardless of location

On-board GSM

Rapid response to hazardous conditions

Rapid response to injuries

Intuitive data presentation

Embedded help, diagnostics and technical manuals

Full text messaging

Productive downtime, on-the-fly housekeeping during production

Productive downtime, on-the-fly maintenance during production

Every aspect of production recorded and available for playback at any time

100% transparency on all production activities

Proprietary wireless technology for high-noise packaging environments